Thinking of ways to improve your daily nutritional habits? Dive in with Mia Rigden and learn about her experiences with nutrition and how they changed her life.


The work you have done so far is amazing, from looking at your website, we love how you talk about “Good food should be good for you”. How did your journey in nutrition begin?

My grandmother studied to be a dietician, so nutrition was always in my DNA. After graduating from University, I moved to New York to attend culinary school and started a career in hospitality PR. The late nights + fancy dinners were fun, to say the least, but I didn’t feel my best. I was anxious, a few pounds over my comfortable weight, my skin felt dull + spotty, and I just felt like I wasn’t my best self. I started experimenting with juice cleanses and diets, but I couldn’t figure out how to feel good whilst enjoying the things I loved most in life (travel/restaurants). There had to be a better way! I decided to go back to school to get a health coaching certificate, followed by a master's in nutrition + integrative health. That’s when things started to click for me. I can genuinely say now that I’ve figured out how to truly enjoy what I eat, the flavour and experience plus how it makes me feel. Through my client work, online courses, and now my book, Foodwise, I hope to help others discover the same.


The nutrition space is a crowded place to be, what is your speciality and why do people come to you for nutritional advice over others?

There are a lot of people who are interested in nutrition + health (which is wonderful), but not all of them are credentialed. I am a board-certified nutritionist, which took years and a lot of long tests to complete, ha! Nutrition is a very personal thing, and I think what my clients like about me is that I’m just like them — If I go to dinner I want to try pasta and I am definitely going to order a martini. I’m busy with a toddler and a business, and we often order takeout and have frozen food for dinner. I understand the dynamics that can make the ideal nutrition plan hard to execute and I like to take a more pragmatic approach with my clients. We work together to blend the clinical with the practical so that you can find foods and routines that work for your body and your lifestyle, which makes it easier to stick with. My clients consistently get great results with this approach.

You talk a little bit about Concierge nutrition - what is this exactly?

I have a few different nutrition offerings, including online courses and 1:1 nutrition coaching. I call my 1:1 nutrition coaching, concierge because we are working closely together to figure out the best foods and routines for your body and lifestyle. It’s not a copy and paste plan; it’s personalized to fit the demands and desires of your life.


How do you find the balance between being a Nutritionist, Author, Mum, Wife & Cook?

It’s not always easy! My husband and I are both entrepreneurs, which means we work a lot, but we also have the flexibility to work from home. Plus, our son is in school full time, which gives us a full work week.


We are really excited about the launch of your first ever book Foodwise, what was the inspiration behind it?

I wanted to create a cookbook full of healthy, feel-good recipes that are easy enough for a Monday night, while also feeling exciting enough to cook for your favourite friends or family.

This book is a celebration of food, loving what you eat, and feeling good.

"Good food should be good for you!"

Order the book here


What are your 5 must-have wellness products for summer to stay strong & healthy?

- Linne Botanicals Refresh Mineral Face Mist
- LMNT Electrolytes
- Lunya washable silk eye mask
- Moon Juice Magnesi-om
- Seed Probiotic (especially great for travel!)

Lastly, What style of swimwear do you normally go for and who would be your ‘COSSIE girl’ from our Resort 2022 collection, and why?

I love a one piece so definitely The EMMA for me. So chic, with the added bonus of sun protection.




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