Discover the story of Beulah + learn more about our most recent collaboration.


Natasha + Lavinia, Founders of Beulah London, tell us a little bit about how you both met and how Beulah started.

We met back in our teens! Our grannies were friends, our mums are best friends. We properly met when we went on a skiing holiday together & booked a trip to India the following Autumn to volunteer in an aftercare home with girls who had been trafficked, and forced into the sex trade. During the afternoons we would teach very basic skills and saw real power in creating employment opportunities. We wanted to set up a business which could empower vulnerable and trafficked women through our supply chain through the making of our garments. And so Beulah was born!


Beulah empowers vulnerable + trafficked women, what motivated you to support this particular cause and how does the business actually do this?

We work with various impact partners; one of which is based in North West Bangladesh, which is an ethical textile program for marginalised and vulnerable women in the rural village of Thanapara. The women weave the fabric and hand embroidery onto the garments, creating days of employment which allow them to support their families and the local community. Most of our dresses have been hand woven and embroidered, some taking up to 22 days to make, which is providing 22 days of employment for one woman.

The business will support women by creating employment opportunities, which is integral to our business model.

What is the true inspiration behind the brand + your products - what makes you different?

We often get inspiration from vintage pieces, as girls we would both dress up in our mother's (*and grandmother’s) vintage wardrobe. Our mission is to produce beautiful clothing that stands the test of time, that can be passed down from generation to generation, and that is timeless and unique. Our aesthetic is romantic with blouson sleeves, and empowering to our customers. We also exist to empower women through the making of our garments which makes the brand’s mission unique.


When you both are buying swimwear, what is essential to you, and what do you really look for?

I look for support, a flattering cut mixed with a beautiful print. Both the designs we have chosen are my absolute favourites from the COSSIE collection and I can’t wait to wear them on a beach soon!


Let’s talk about our collaboration. We are so excited about launching both a one piece and a two piece in the Beulah print in this season's COSSIE colours. How would you say the Beulah and the COSSIE+CO customer relate?

We are so incredibly excited to launch these pieces with COSSIE+CO. We have both been long-time customers of COSSIE, we adore their product and their values + sustainability mission. I think our customers both appreciate beautiful fashion and care about helping people and the planet we live on. We have chosen these styles as the POPPY is our favourite. It is classic, comfortable and looks great on all sized women and then the JESSICA top and the LUCINDA bottoms are just the dream bikini combo.





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