in British English
NOUN. informal. 
             A swimming costume.
Pronunciation /ˈkɒzi/ or [ koz-ee ]

COSSIE+CO was founded in 2018 by Isobel Elphinstone who set out to develop a swimwear collection with a single concept in mind: Swimwear for the Modern Woman.

The signature honeycomb fabrication is synonymous with the brand, double lined across all styles giving an element of natural support and a super luxurious feel. All styles transcend seasons and trends, creating a collection that is made to last; COSSIE’s that you keep coming back to year after year.

The COSSIE woman needs swimwear that can stand up to her lifestyle. Whilst a COSSIE is the embodiment of simplicity, and femininity, it’s also a celebration of quality, of colour, of fun; for all the places your COSSIE might take you (even if you never leave the back garden).

So, say no to wedgies, to that ‘can you see my .....’ moments, a nip slip, and holding in your tummy all day. Say yes to jumping from the top deck of the boat, to showing off your waterskiing skills, to going from beach to bar and only adding a pair of shorts and lots of gold jewellery.
At COSSIE+CO, we don’t take ourselves too seriously but we do take our swimwear seriously.


We love the planet + know you do too.

As we expand and grow, we understand the importance of minimising our impact, quality over quantity is at the heart of our brand.

We manufacture conservative size runs to minimise over-production and waste. Any left over fabric is used for sampling or production the next season. 

On the long path to being a sustainable brand we are proud to have partnered with Verdn, who are recovering 1kg of ocean plastic for every COSSIE purchased. Their impact is fully trackable after your purchase. We'll continue to support environmental causes close to our heart.

All our COSSIEs are made of recycled plastics taken from the depths of the sea. For each kg of fibre produced, one kg of plastic is removed from the ocean. In the production process 40% in water consumption, 50% of energy and 60% of CO2 emissions are saved.

We are approaching the future with integrity and transparency, keeping social and ethical responsibility paramount whiles aspiring to minimise our impact on the environment.