We met with Sarah and Philippa, founders of WAT. THE BRAND and the faces of @wearetwinset. Hear all about their experiences of running a business and living the influencer life in London.


Introducing you to Sarah and Philippa, founders of We Are Twinset. First, tell us a little about We Are Twinset, how it began, the inspiration behind it & how you guys met?

We Are Twinset was born (in Paris!) over 13 years ago. It first started as a blog where, as stylists, we were able to share all of our favourite fashion & lifestyle finds, styling tips & hacks. We both worked as stylists and looked alike and were constantly mistaken for each other. We were both always asked where our clothes were from, so it felt like the perfect outlet to answer these questions. At first, it was very much a side hustle on weekends and evenings where our husbands took our photos but quite quickly we started working with brands, fast forward all these years, and we are now still writing our blog, alongside creating content for Instagram, TikTok, recording our own podcast ‘Twinset Unzipped’ AND our very own brand, WAT. THE BRAND.


Both of you have amazing backgrounds in fashion styling, with 20 years of combined experience. How has this helped you in doing what you do today?

At first, it was the way we were able to work with dream brands upon launching as we had such great relationships with so many brands as stylists. And now it’s all about having that authoritative voice and knowledge on what to wear, how to wear it and how to style it as well as how to design and create clothes that we know our followers are going to love and feel great in.

There are so many fashion blogs out there in today's world. What would you say makes you different from them?

Being a duo has always been our thing, setting us apart from many other blogs…and that coupled with being stylists means not only do we show the readers how to wear and style things differently but we feel like we have that knowledge (through grit and hard work) that our audience really loves to hear as well as always trusting our suggestions.


How easy do you find keeping consistent with your content? When filming/creating, is it a spur-of-the-moment thing … a planned day - how does it work?

We like to think we are very organised and with lists upon lists and meetings upon meetings (with an amazing team) it really helps us keep to a schedule that works for balancing all areas from We Are Twinset to WAT. THE BRAND and all the different requirements and social outlets. We are always flexible as well if things change (and that does often happen) and we try not to let it stress us out!


Both being young Mums, what is the most important thing you look for when shopping for swimwear and why?

As we’ve got older and after having two kids and two c-sections each we have most definitely noticed changes in our bodies. So choosing swimwear is something we are very particular about. Shape, fabric and detail are so important to us and help us feel confident when we are running around after the kids on the beach or by the pool. If the fabric isn’t thick and sculpting we just can’t go there and we’ve really noticed a shift in our style to one pieces & high waist styles as we have gotten older.


We are so excited to be launching our exclusive COSSIE styles with you guys. What would you say you love most about them?

This is such a dream come true for us. As huge fans of the brand, it felt like the most exciting collaboration. We are so obsessed with the fit of these styles which are now designed in our failsafe monochrome colour-way. We are so proud to have helped design the swimwear pieces that were missing from our wardrobe.

Finally, your travel essentials…. What can’t you be without?

Our WAT THE BRAND x COSSSIE+CO collab of course! Coupled with our newly launched WAT coverups it’s a match made in heaven.
Beauty Pie SPF for the face.
Coola suncream.
Nuxe body oil.
Ouai hair care.
Clarins aftersun for our beauty go-tos.
And all packed in our Goyard white tote.




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