We speak to professional beach volleyball sisters, Victoria + Veronica Corcoran and learn all about their experience in the Volleyball world and doing it together.


How did your journey with volleyball begin?

We actually played volleyball, basketball and softball growing up in New Jersey. We were only introduced to beach volleyball in our senior year of high school. Our old club director from USANY, Robert Crispi, was the one who got us into it. My sister played in a tournament when I was injured and told me how much fun it was and that we should try to play in college so that’s exactly what we did.

We knew this was a sport we could play forever and it was 2 v 2, it doesn’t get much more perfect than that.


What do you love most about what you guys do and doing it together?

Victoria: What I love most about what we do is that we get to experience all of it together. There’s no one else I’d want to do all of the things we do with. She’s my best friend. It’s just so cool that we have the same goals and visions for ourselves and each other.

Veronica: I couldn’t imagine doing this without her. The best part is travelling and making memories as best friends, twins and beach volleyball partners.

What’s at the top of your list when you are looking for swimwear?

When looking for swimwear for competition, we first have to ensure it’s comfortable and supportive. We dive around in the sand and jump, so we need to make sure our bathing suit stays on which is why we love COSSIE+CO.


You guys must travel a lot with what you do, for matches etc. Where has been your favourite place to play + travel so far and why?

So we are still waiting to compete for Ireland, but when we do, we will travel a lot over Europe. As we play professionally domestically until then, we do travel around the country competing. So we are looking forward to the Europe trips but as of now for volley, we just travel domestically.


As professional volleyball players, describe your fitness, wellness and health regime to us.

Being professional beach volleyball players we have to be pretty disciplined. It’s an interesting sport because it’s just you, your partner + coach. You don’t have a huge team that has planned workout times or practice schedules. It changes often. We also have a great workout plan from our strength trainer, Robert Reichert Jr., at OCSM in New Orleans. We are super lucky to have him! So we lift 3-4x a week in season and off-season we’ll try to go 4-6x a week. We just have to keep ourselves motivated and continue pushing one another, we tend to eat healthy but also have some of our favourite sweets here and there.


On your travels, what are your summer essentials, what can you not be without?

Our Summer essentials that we can’t be without would be a sarong, cute swimwear, tanning oil + a tote.


From our COSSIE collection, who would be your girl?

Victoria: I’d be the Gemma for sure!!! Such a cute style and the name is really unique.

Veronica: I’d be the Sienna because I love the skinny string top part.





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